Friday, January 06, 2012

N6 Against the Cult of the Dain part 3

The days of shopping mall vice deals were well behind Hull.  Most were well aware of this change, even the mall had changed.  All of it was unrecognisable from the man to the cavernous video arcade where he presided over the air hockey table.  The once forgotten second rate mall renovated and bright, too bright. Now a cathedral of commerce well patrolled and dark corners plant filled and light.

Our Hero had gone clean long before to tell the truth.  A poor purchase of Windex vials destroyed his bank roll and set him straight.  He was uninterested in these things himself, just a job , his habits never cut into profits.

I don't remember much about the friend at the door of Hulls' motor home.  I think this was Will or Paul, I have a hard time keeping all of them straight.  He looked at Hull dismayed saying "I know, it's Kimber have you seen her?"  Hull seemed to know everyone, He knew this was a girl many of his friends had been trying to fuck for a number of years.  "No , she  still around?" Hull asked.

"She's joined a cult!" Came the reply from Tony, this was Tony now I remember, another stocky guy a bit taller than Hull but build like a tank. Hull thought a moment, finally answering " Yeah her family was like that, they wouldn't even let her pick the movies she went to and they threw out most of her tapes..." "No a real cult, like shaving your head and wearing jogging suits kind of cult!" "Hm you mean some sort of Cult of the Reptile God, I have that module around her some where." Hull laughed to Tony's growing impatience.

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