Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Sample Rules part 3 skill rolls

The basic mechanic for any role playing game is the skill role.  It is the one that is up front for players to see and is something they own.  There are some systems that account for a more basic control of the scene system but my game is not meant to cover that particular style of play at present.  I personally prefer a crunchier system and just don't have the players for a diceless game. 

As I have stated the rolls made in my game are generally covered by a D10 + D4 open ended roll added to skill value.  This gives me an average of 8 points for any dice roll plus skills. 

Moving onto the skill levels the Characters Might have I am thinking something that looks like the below chart.  But with this I really don't see a starting character having beyond a 0s5 unless they have made some rather foolish sacrifices.

0    Unskilled
1     Read a wiki entry
2    Read a book
3    Had a class
4    Has done it enough to get the hang of it
5    Skilled or naturally talented
6    10 years in
7    Grizzled old Pro   

1s1+     Master
2s1+     Rarefied circle of experts
3s1+    Advanced the art

Now taking the base roll of 8 with a skill potential of 0-5 we are skill checks of 8 to 13 being the norm.  From here I really want the 3 or 4 to be the characters go to skills so we are looking at 11 or 12 being average rolls coming out of starting characters. 

I personally dislike games that don't give beginning players a shot at kills, I am specially thinking of Palladium here, and want to set my target numbers appropriately.  I would want my players with the 0s3 skills to succeed about 75% of the time and the 0s4 skills 80-85% of the time.  Here are the percentages of my rolls.

2    2.5    100
3    5    97.5
4    7.5    92.5
5    10    85
6    10    75
7    10    65   
8    10    55
9    10    45
10    10    35
11    10    25
12    7.5    15
13    5    7.5
14    2.5    .25

It looks like a target of 9 is going to give me the rolls I am looking for.  So my skill chart is going to take 9 as the average target

7     Easy
9     Average
11    Tricky
13    Hard
15    Very difficult
17    Near Impossible

Maybe a touch too hard but we will see in a demo.

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