Monday, January 16, 2012

N6 Against the Cult of Dain part 9

The roads through the mountains wired over the land in spirals and turns.  Criss crossing and breaking the path to Holy City was confounding.  Once it was a religious commune promoting Celibacy, tea totalling and white supremacy now it was nothing.  Currently it was home to a glass blower who specialized in marbles and the occasion special order glass sex toy.  The remains of the "Divine Way" church and zoo, rotted a ghost town.

Sorci's Ford groaned as we exited, relieved at casting off it's load.  We parked some ways away and crossed road and field before getting there.  The property was closed off with cyclone fencing but you could push your way through the bushes.  Getting the wasn't much and the moonlight helped. Lights would have given us away.

Back when it was running Holy City and a prayer grove set up, Kraz and talked about it.  I figured it was the place to look, Keith would certainly have mentioned it to his new friends.  I hide back like a coward behind, while Hull, Matt and Tony trudged ahead into the copse.  I could hear someone else I guessed Kimber but after moments they returned with Marisol.  She wore a Halloween store fright robe but was naked besides and crying. She was tied and left!

Maris didn't know much.  Consoling her the rest of the night all we learned.  They had Kimber, Rhino was with them and blood.  Drowning concrete here was blood a lot of blood!

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