Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Detective Short Story inspired by The Dain Curse part 11

More of the the Detective Short Story i am writing.  I am not sure if it is going to novel length or not.  I am just writing on it for now, with little destination other than some vague mimicry of The Dain Curse .   I hope you like it the other bits were titled N6 Against the cult of Dain.  That is an obtuse reference to the Dungeons and Dragons module N1 Against the Cult of the Reptile god.  I am reading a book that says be less coy about titles to get blog traffic.

Finding Rhino would need Maris, Hull knew this. She had been hold up with Matt since events past, and was saying little.  Hull knew this wasn't to be easy, but what else was there.  Hull had spent a summer swindling kids out of Trading cards and selling double price at gaming conventions.  There was an oily charm about him, but getting Marisol to talk would be a test.

Hull ordered me to pick him up and drive from a pay phone.  No idea where he found one but he seemed to know a secret network or archaic telecommunication reserved for the pagered.  I found his caravan early afternoon and was quickly greeted. Bounding into my car wearing an aging Y&T jersey and jeans once to long but now the excess walk worn to fit.

The ride over he insisted on playing Dio. Almost entranced and enraged by the music Hull grew seemingly stronger with each note, as if going to battle. Imbued almost frantic with energy Hull stormed Matt's house.

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