Tuesday, January 17, 2012

N6 Against the Cult of Dain part 10

The blood scattered us, leaving Hull alone with few answers.  Again he had tucked his motor home into a back alley.  Long Haul trucks and a few other motor homes told him he wouldn't be bothered here.  The camp lasted several days before he would be told to move along. In that time Hull dwelled on what little he had.

Rhino was the one screw unturned here, Hull kept coming back to it. Hull only knew him threw Marisol, and only by reputation.  A junior college football player and occasional dealer.  Chasing the Dragon sparked thoughts of knights and heavy metal records for us, but Rhino used it as a password for Heroin.

Kimber wasn't fond of needles but pills she loved.  She and Maris had been friends for years, so Rhino and her were at least acquainted.  The shape of things was coming to being in Hulls mind.  Again Hull thought Rhino! 

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