Friday, January 13, 2012

N6 Against the Cult of Dain part 8

"No Woodsey Latham isn't lying, this time!  He is terrified, getting on a bus! Wouldn't say where!"  All of us were thankful there was some upside. "Temple of Harvest, ever hear of it, its the one thing I got out of him."  I'm not sure who Sorc was asking but it sounded like some of that parading around a pole with ribbons crap.

"Kimber got hooked up with them buying, Kerath was already running with them.  They probably seemed harmless with him as the lap dog."  "They probably let him wear his cloak, this is fucked! Kraz could be tied up with anyone and think he is playing a live action roleplaying game."  Keith was always looking to be and never look at who he was with. I was the only one who really knew how screwed up Keith could get himself.

In moments the party was assembled and armed from Hulls weathered home.  Matt could fight but cared too much for his clothes.  Tony was tough and determined if Kimber was involved.  I wasn't much use myself I was scary but pretty much a pussy. I was to take Hull's pellet gun and hold the line.  Hull himself whirled a ren faire morning star over his head and howled for battle.  Sorc was our wheel man.

The band piled into the back of Sorci's truck, straining the springs until it scrapped hard over every bump.  I directed from the inside heat whilst the other shivered under a blanket in the back of the truck.  The night growing cold with the speed of the freeway.

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