Monday, December 19, 2011

A tale of the Beltinovites part 1

Books crowded every corner and step of Galav.  It was once the Beltinovites capital now their last city and some would say prison.  It was not a high commanding city but rather a pit dug low into the ground.  It was not something to be assaulted but rather ignored just a hole full of books.

Galav was perhaps the most ancient of all cities it was built and rebuilt and hundred times some in triumph some in defeat.  The Beltinovites have said it was even built before the Architect arose though such talk was reason for much of their current plight.  The stunted race claim to being a higher form of the Aron Veja wise and enlightened.  Few like to to be told such things, though the Aron have said to be thralled by the Beltinovites in their distant past.

These Beltinovites were not dwarves or goblins but rather just short and wide eyed.  Their heads large and hands sleight.  Yes they were quick witted and had hands dexterous none could deny.  They worked magic and understood the genomes the Architect himself played.  They were the first to build the living machines and only now were their works being surpassed.  Carinthis sold either goods as fine works of art and beauty.  

Their city was a library overflowing with books like the sand.  And Linent Siall loved these books like his children.  For a Beltinovite he was a simple man non a wizard nor chemist or breeder of machines. No Linent held the highest of all titles he was a librarian.  

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