Thursday, December 08, 2011

A tale of Carinthis part 2

The shops and stalls ranged from fragrant familiar to flavors strange.  Often Reglin stopped staggered in awe of the wonders and horrors he saw.  The green people had some small use of the biomachinary he saw here; but it was autonomous or self contained in living entities they coexisted with.  The green people would call many of the wears sold in the shops parasitic.

Reglin vaguely understood offers allow him to breath in water or for a second skin.  One even tried to purchase his voice with the offer of four solid iron links.  He fled in terror when the process of removal was described.

His feet worn, he almost without mind found himself at the animal pens.  Perhaps he could hire onto an eastward caravan and put more distance between himself and his kin. 

This quarter of the city was the most sparse and in need of open air.  Much of the trade and supply of the pack trains occurred here.  Horse and Camel were hauled up for the desert floor far below, along with the chitin covered Sammis Worms.

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