Monday, November 07, 2011

Caress of Steel

I love Rush!  I am not crippled by the hang ups of cool and Irony so let me say I love them with my whole heart.  I wouldn't be who I am without Neal, Geddy and Alex.  Of all of Canada's exports they are my favorite.  Voivod,Gordon Lightfoot you guys rock but Rush is RUSH!!!

Of all their many many records Caress Of Steel is my favorite.  It's sort of a forgotten gem as they don't normally touch it for their live performances. There is a lot of striving beyond their previous work wrapped up in this album.  I think that is exactly what I like as it isn't quite there.  I find Piece of Mind has this exploratory quality too, and it's my favorite Maiden record.  But back to Rush.

The are a couple of big tracks on this work, The fountain of Lamneth and The necromancer are both over ten minutes in length.  The are comprised of a few smaller piece that in the case of fountain work separately or together.  The necromancer you should take a single entity.  The rest are more standard length songs that have more of a since of humor.  Lakeside Park is pretty nostalgic for Rush getting at fun they had in youth disappearing.  I think I'm going bald is just goofy.

Digging a bit deeper into the long songs I wanted to call out a couple of fragments.  The Bacchus Plateau "song" is just wonderful, I would go berserk if they played it live.  While the album has a lot about aging and change this song sums up all its melancholia.  Its damn near perfect.  The last bit is the melody underlying "Return of the prince" did the wall flowers steal it for 3 Marlaina's?

I have said before I see this as the first Progressive Metal record, I stand by that.  I think it's a critically important record for any collection, please go buy it.  I may be riding in your car someday and I will ask and then you will feel all awkward, lets avoid that.

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