Monday, November 28, 2011

A tale of the Gannith part 1

Cornass Vall held the title of first rider for six summers at this time.  Six long rides of the ring paths the migratory Gannith people completed each year.  For the Gannith all life worked upon these year rings all locked together like gears.  The only exception was the dark ring of the riders; their duty was to the dead.  Though the Gannith lived clock work lives, death came on it's own time.

Cornass arrived in the high camp of the grain ring in the cold fog filled days of late winter.  This was death's time, the riders were often on hoof now.  Seldom would a first rider attend to the deaths of the grain ring, it was low, but a wise man was to be honored.

Vall would work the rest of the day adorning the corpse with sweet oils and decorating the skin.  Binding the wise man to sit high and proud upon the riders horse.  Even braiding seals of debt into the animals main.  These beasts were a breed unto themselves, huge and heavy for the large Gannith people but strong and unwavering in the face of death or undeath.

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