Friday, November 11, 2011

A tale of Jethrik part 2

The neighbor Nasol had never clearly seen to tell the truth.  It was only at far flung distance did he see the man, though that he only guessed. Their messages mainly passed along word of provisions at first then requests to trade goods.  Later was words of the Castle itself.  Nasol was of little help to the man having such isolated accommodations but the man gave him word of the King himself cut off, holding out in the forges bellow at least he had warmth. His queen had the high keep along with it's servants and retainers. News beyond these facts was banal and uninspiring.

Nasol had considering moving his quarters nearer to this window but this would require moving large provisions farther than he wished.  In truth his was to watch the west and that was what he would do.  He rooms were not uncomfortable.  Generations of guards had served here each claiming more of the royalty's cast offs to appoint their quarters.  The rooms Nasol inherited were grand by his judgement.  The rooms also came with a companion a huge she dog named Swan.  She was of the mountain moliser breed the guards drew from but of a sweeter disposition.  Lacking ferocity she served as companion and bed warmer for these western chambers.

Nasol and Swan waited huddled together on the wall most days, peering into the wilderness.  Sudden sounds were most often the castle itself but on occasion animals ventured near the castle.  Swan would howl down at squirells but anything bigger send the huge hound running in fear.  A deer had approached earlier and Swan was cowering in their quarters. So he guarded alone a wall that would not be attacked with all the determination of one finally left alone with a task.

Smoke trailed up above the high precipice of building that separated Nasol from the castle proper.  By wing it was but few miles of courtyards, towers and cathedrals.  By foot it was days if passage was not blocked but it the season it certainly was.  After some time Nasol worked his way down to the inner ring just before the western gate house.  It was this solid wall of stone that held in the flood waters and filled the castle like a bowl.  Nasol had been chipping through the ice sheet hoping to reach other guards.  They would have been supplied from the pantry near Nasol's room if they were not cut off, but with his bounty they would starve.  So the guard worked trying to reach them.

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