Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A holiday gift guide for very strange people

I find myself with pretty limited time today.  So no stories but a gift list for particular geeks like me is something I can whip out.  This would be for your gamer, writer and fistula owner friends on your list.

1. Norwegian Eagle & Red tail hawk gauntlet.  Yes completely bad ass I am sure you will agree.  Who the hell doesn't need a gauntlet !?  Still there are some who will not understand so I will explain.  Falconry is awesome but time consuming, still why not have the option.  But for those of us with a Brecia Fistula on our left arms many worlds are closed to us.  A gentle cut and we bleed out.  But no more! Archery , Fencing, all are opened to us again with this very important real world armor.

2. Classes in sword play.  Highly nerdy and highly specific, The Demas school of sword play offers training in may classic European martial art.  Also the California Fencing academy offers classes all local to the San Jose area.  You Dungeons and Dragons playing friends will love it. 

3. Executive Protection Driving Classes.  Again your little role players will nerd out on this, but so will any fan of driving.  Being able to drive backwards and spin a car around is just Macho.

4. For the writer I suggest introspection.  I recommend a stay in a lonely hotel by the seaside.  Here in the bay i suggest East Brother Light Station.  Hotels isolated on mountains are also good. 

5. For weirdo i suggest a trip to the Integration out in Joshua Tree California.  Rent it out for a party or sound bath for your paranormal friends and I'm sure they will be delighted.

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