Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A tale of Jethrik part 3

Though Isolated and alone there were still duties to the castle.  Nasol was to travel the lower parapet and light the signal fires upon the Solstice. This was a tradition of the castle and all would take part, even though few would see the entirety of the castle alight. There were many rites to be observed for those that lived in the castle Jethrik, though few required the wide adherence give to the solstice fires.

he travelled solitary through rooms filled with paintings and furniture battered into fire wood.  Gathering material to burn along with several stone jugs of oil he pulled on a hand cart.  The oil taken from a distillery he found several floors below.  Little was left of the yield but Nasol hoped he could put the still back into order and brew something of strength. But that would be later.

He had hauled his cart down many stairs when he first caught a breath of the cool outside seeping into the castle.  It had been a few days within the walls and Nasol was hoping to reach the outside.  Finally he reached the heavily barred doors of the mud room, but a few yards and he would be on the parapet.  Throwing open the third heavy door light filled the room engulfing Nasol's vision but for a blurred darkness that was the wall and just perhaps a figure some distance from the door.  He rubbed his eyes hoping some sight to return.

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