Tuesday, November 08, 2011

through fire and flames

You know I am glad I play Dungeons and Dragons online.  I was looking over at some of the SwTor info and it looks just like world of warcraft.  I hate that sort of game play.  It reminds me of Everquest where i just taunted, bashed and stunned over and over again.  with macros i just hits keys one through four over and over.  That is not a game it's finger exercise.

My friend was talking about playing shards of dalaya the everquest free server again and I just was  like wow screw that.  I don't understand how anyone can devote so much time with so little reward.  My Buddie was always critical of wow for how quickly you were rewarded in that game.  He actually liked the slow EQ alternate experience progression.  With kids I say no way, If I have to spend three hours to get anywhere I could just watch a movie.  And how the hell do you get three hours with a three year old?

to get three quests done and finished in an hour is great.  When I am done with DDO I just shut it off and everything is good.  It's all city so if your out of a quest your done, in a safe spot and have no worries. Raids are an hour not several.  This game just works well with my time.

The billing works for me too, yes there are micro transactions but if you do the monthly payment your a king the way it's currently set up.  I can cruise into any quest I want on elite.  I get extra points every month to get my xp potions.  All is good.

I want to thank you turbine for giving me a game i like so much that works for me.

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