Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Awhile by the water

Going with my statements I am trying to write to keep in the writing state of being.  Which i guess for me could be something like a manic state or personality facet.  I am feeling the meter from a song called Glenn Tipton by Sun Kil Moon.  I think some of the words are coming from Rush's Bacchus Plateau. 

Its unedited and less word pruned than I usually like to be.  I am trying to be more folk spun simple and use words like I might speak.  I am not this overly dramatic person that may come through in my writing, which is almost angular.  I am much more Kerouac than I am Ginsberg in person.  I don't know about big displays, they seem suspect to me.  I am the quiet person in the corner that leaves early and writes even in a party of writers. 

I am working on my ten thousand reps here.  Small movements to see what works but still make it feel like me.

I'll pull down the clouds
and head for the sea,
but only if you go with me
awhile by the water

It wont be dark til later
Go whenever you need
"stay" I wont even plead
give me a change of seasons

I'll take the mountains
For my own reasons
Give me hope out loud
chilly morning longing fountain

Play in guises upon the land
Foolish children hand in hand

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