Friday, March 16, 2012

Final thoughts on Star Wars and MMO that feels completed

Well my adventures in Star Wars: the old Republic are complete.  That is a strange statement for an MMO but it feels true.  The game gave me a nice little completion cut scene when I finished my Jedi class quest and it felt completed. 

When playing the game I set a few goals of completing my class quest, Maxing out my Qyzen Fess affection and getting to level 5 in dark side.  I hit two out of three, the dark side just didn't feel very compelling after completing the other two.  I would have grabbed a title that I didn't care about, so what.  I didn't have much cash so buying up my speeder skill and getting the Xenos didn't feel like a real goal.  In a weird way the completion of Qyzen, Corellia and the Class quest worked too well.

In going back to my old favorite, D&D online, I really felt wow why would I go back to star wars.  D&D online is sort of like listening to Dio, it's awesome and great and sort of comforting like home.  I just had to do a few quests to get the feel of a night of SWTOR.  It just felt rewarding and challenging.  Not that I was even doing quests at my own level, i was getting favor for a few low level quests.  But I had to do more than kill five of these guys and lot ten of an item.  I had to click on things, I had to open a secret door or two.  I had to click on an npc to follow me while I managed his health.

When I play Star Wars there was always some five minute quest I could run just around the corner.  There was always something little I could do.  I found myself up until 1.30 with all these little things all the time.  With Dungeon and Dragons I can run a few big quests and feel like damn, I did something.  Star War felt like Chinese food to me, you can always take a little bite but you are never really full.  The class quest felt like they gave me the fortune cookie at the end so I knew I was done.  DDo is a steak!

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