Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Roleplaying industry doesnt seem to be on solid footing

I am a little unsatisfied with pathfinder at the moment.  Sure there is plenty you can do with a character, but it lacks the delving depth of something classless.  Which is sort of goofy to even think about because our current game is not allowing for much other than stumbling advancement; two years in and we are not all 5th.  I have been poking around and its odd to find how hard the industry has been hit lately.

Many companies are saying they have been lashed by hard years and are reworking their product lines.  Or pausing and taking stock.  Palladium seems to have been hit early and is already coming to strength.  Other companies like Red Brick and Iron Crown are in the woods it seems.  I guess Red brick isn't with Mongoose anymore and is working at reprinting its books.  Iron Crown are working to get new stuff pushed out with their Sci Fi Harp and get the old harp stuff back in print.  I guess they are having trouble with some of it luckily i have all the printed books.  Talislanta well who knows.  I am sad to see as many of these companies are trying to maintain classic titles or are buy outs of classic publishers. 

I wouldn't mind something like Harp or Rolemaster really.  I like the depth you can take in those games.  Maybe even something like the old warHammer after a few classes.  My cleric in pathfinder just feels like he will be a cleric forever more.  The party needs him to be that and until I have significant levels I will be gimping him by taking an alternate class.  I wish I could have a character that felt a little more full featured. 

It's funny as D&D 5th edition is talking more about being old school, I want something a little newer than that.  That allows me to cover more bases.  Maybe Runequest, or hero quest or is it called legends now.  All I know is with the time I have to read and money available it probably isn't going to happen any time soon.

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