Thursday, March 08, 2012

Update on my mom's illness

Well my mom's cancer treatments are going along.  She has been doing radiation, chemo and Avastin.  Really things are going surprisingly well.  There was a day after she took Ambien that she was very out of it.  I think we all mistook this as the cancer making very marked progress but it appears to be the medicine.  I know I was terrified as my grandma, her mom, died of a similar tumor in the brain.  My mom seemed to be matching pace with the progress that occurred in my Grandma's case.  My Grandma only lived six weeks after the cancer was found and she was not herself.  My Grandma was exceedingly sharp almost cuttingly so in observation.  My mom is sharp but not so cerebral minded.  Seeing her struggle to get out words when she knows exactly what she means is hard.

I have been really relieved to see her acting pretty much as herself.  I know my daughter misses being watched by her Grammy but I think the rest time she is getting after here treatments is key in this. 

I understand this is going to be a long haul disease.  Pointedly I understand this is a fight we will lose, even is she beats the cancer there is still death for all of us to face.  I am just happy to have my mom with us now and not gone already.  I want as much time for her and Keri, the kid, as possible. 

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