Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fucked up fucker moves in the Gaming Industry

As I prowl through various game related sites every so often I get a feeling like some just don't give a shit.  They leave sparse information sitting around while other just sort of exist in status.  I am going to call out the guilty by their actions but exclude their names. I will give a few shout outs for people who get it right thought, so don't this this is a bitch session.  This is really just my viewpoint on what is good and bad in gaming; with a focus on the Internet.

Fucked up move #1: Leaving a site devoid of updates for fucking years.  What the fuck man what is the point.  You have cancelled all development in your product lines and just hope to offer existing product is what I guess is happening here.  Perhaps you could move to PDF sales with everything handled by a third party.  Or maybe you can move to blog style updates of your site letting us know what is going on in your own gaming.  It give the feel that there is someone behind the storefront.

Dick Move #2: Blogging "news" and only news.  You are a retailer of sorts even if you are not doing ecommerce on site.  You should give me detailed product pages for all your product lines.  I should never need to work out what products you are currently supporting.  I understand TSR covering everything they ever printed would be crazy to ask for, but a list of current products is not.  I should clearly understand your game when i leave your site, if not you have not done a good job selling it to me.

Fucking fucker move #3: Not answering email and to a lesser extend not monitoring your forum.  I expect you to answer otherwise its just bad service.  If I post a product related question on your forum I am also hoping for information.  No response destroys trust and confidence.

To give credit where it is due. Here are a couple of examples of things I love in the gaming industry.

Palladium books does a weekly update of their site with news on all the products they are working on.  They even include information on sales.  You almost feel like you have two much information after reading a few weeks of updates.  It is also very informative of the game development process, approvals, waiting and editing I never knew.

Iron Crown does a great job on their forum.  I once asked a question on how to implement something for my own game world.  The games creators responded back with their thoughts and some sample rules custom created for me.  That is service.  But just responding to an email is also huge.

Fantasy Flight Games has a great website that lists all the products for each of their lines.  They also have pdf's of rules ready for download and extra special web material.  It's a single point of information for everything about the current edition of their games.

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