Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dr. Pepper and Cream the offical beverage of Crescentstar

 So everyone is aware of the horrible truth I am a fat person.  Sure I can blame it on the Prednisone that I take as part of my anti rejection medication suite, but I don't.  I am Fat because I eat like a pig and my favorite drink would kill Jack Lalanne.

This was one of my many drink abominations that I created at my time in the Olive Garden.  Others were The Snow Ball , (a combination of coconut turani sauce along with red grenadine and cream) Raspberry Lemonade fizzer ( 7up and minute maid concentrate ) and a few other nightmares.

 But my most inspired drink was always the Dr. Pepper and Cream.  Truly the nectar of the gods.  Some of the brave few who have tried it have said, and i quote "That's not so bad as it sounds."  In your face Laverne Defazio.

I hope to have you interested.  You can see the process in the slides to the left.  Doctor Pepper in glass is step 1.  Float cream over pepper is step 2.  Never cream first, Never Cream first.

The mix is four parts Pepper to one part creams.  The glass you see in the picture is 20.oz full of creamy joy.  The cream has a tendency to over power the Dr. Pepper so the throwback and Dublin Dr. Pepper varieties do not provide much improvement to the experience.

This is also a great breakfast soda.  There are some great sodas out there that you just don't want to start your day with.  Dr. Pepper and cream goes down smooth in the morning. 

If you are familiar with the Italian cream soda, that is really the seed from which I created this ambrosia.  Here you can see my fat ass ready with a nice big glass.  I am toasting your cholesterol.  I am a genetic freak and can do this a couple of times a season without fear of heart disease.  You should probably consult a physician.

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