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Dark Conspiracy the Role Playing Game

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Back in the olden days, we did our gaming around a table and we liked it.  It was face to face, much like a couple of silver spoons, and it was fun.  Gaming was imaginative and was story driven.  While where were always munchkins it wasn't all about items or character power.  It wasn't even about guild power.  It was about some story that was fun and hanging out with your friends; or at least people you tolerated. 

Back in that time the Role play industry was very dynamic and exciting.  There were titles coming out every year and they were well supported with product lines that allowed for year of play.  Even smaller genres like horror had many products line on the market. It was a time when every taste of playing could be satisfied.  The legacy of this time can be recaptured through eBay and pdf should one know where to look.  I am sure whole product lines can be torrented if you are willing. I prefer books myself and have the overflowing bookshelf to prove it.

Speaking of horror role playing games  one of the most fun was Dark Conspiracy.  While many games focused on a run or go insane style of play Dark Conspiracy was very two fisted 80's violence.  It was designed to dovetail with Twilight 2000 and allowed you all sorts of guns, bomb and missiles to blow up Frankenstein's monster with.  The conspiracy was not the modern "9/11 was an inside job" sort of thing but rather the goofier "Boys from Brazil" type.  The intention was a fun game that solved problems with a hail of bullets.

If you are interested in playing RPG Historian and trying out an archaic system, I want to be your helper.  Wikipedia has a nice list of the products that are currently out there and some nice links to online magazine sites for Dark conspiracy.  What they don't do too well is explain what all these titles are.

Dark Conspiracy Core Rulebook:  This is the big book with all the core rules.  It has guns and monsters and everything.  You definitely need this if you are going to play. 

Empathic Source book:  I would call this book number two. Empathic stuff in the main book is pretty sparse so allowing for characters to go farther than the basics is not possible without this book.

Dark Races 1:  This is the games monster manual and I think allows players to play a humanoid NPC this is very important if you are doing your own adventures, less so if now.

DarkTek: This ends up being the treasure book for the players but what it is meant to be is tool box the GM can throw at them.  Its important if you are making your own adventures.

ProtoDimensions Source book 1: When your party gets high level they are assumed to star dimension traveling.  When your party reaches that level, which is pretty log into character development  this becomes an important book.

PC Booster Kit: This thing is weird, it changes the game mechanics to d20 based instead of d10 for more depth of play.  I think it also give you rules for playing the dark elves.  It is in the old module format and the cardboard serves as a gm screen.  For some folks this is going to be something you need from day one, for others it can wait.

The rest of the products are modules.  These would be Among the Dead, Heart of Darkness, Hellsgate, Ice Daemon, New Orleans and Night Sider.  Some function almost as area source books (New Orleans) others are large world hoping modules.  Hellsgate even allows for dimension hoping.

Some other products you may want to know about are Minion Hunter and Minion Nation.  One is a big boxed board game in the Dark Conspiracy World.  The other is an expansion for the game, many people confuse this as a product for the Dark Conspiracy Role playing game.  The twilight 2000 2nd edition Heavy weapons handbook, guns handbook and Nautical Aviation handbook could be of use for this game.  Also the Cadillac's and Dinosaurs game is also a compatible product.  Basically all of the 2nd edition twilight products are compatible.  First edition twilight 2000 products are not compatible.  If you can find Challenge magazines from the time these provided a large amount of information with articles on creatures, guns, modules and equipment.  Don't forget to check out Demonground and Protodimension magazines.

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