Friday, March 16, 2012

More prose from my dreamquest story Of the unknown Aloysius

The road coughed up around us as we left, roiling up dust in some attempt to swallow the car.  This would give way to rain in a hundred miles but for a time it was dust and dark.  Neither were talk, me nor him.  Vengeance was solemn and in this cases needed no voice. 

In other eyes we may have been riders, set out against the world.  But this wasn't mythic; just two needing to unset a wrong.

It wasn't Anglac Axebearer by my side or even Mousk, rather it was Lucerne.  This shieldman untested I, Aloysius, grumbled doubt.  Fail or Fight either was fine, uncertainty was a worry. Lucerne's cause was another, we sought Haddibaugh that was simple.  Often I found myself in his schemes but Lucerne; why?

Time proved me both wrong and right on Lucerne.  He would work himself up a hero to some other lost soul; and finally be bound to play the role.  He would be wild and lash out mad not measured.  It would go unwell but perhaps we would win.

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