Monday, June 11, 2012

The Age of the Play Test
I find myself at a loss, it just seems every avenue I explore I am hitting a dead end.  I would call this the age of the play test in the gaming market.  Its as if everyone has looked at the market down turn and said "I know a new edition!"  We are all well aware of the D&D Next play test that is going on.  But even smaller market games are going through the process. SSDC is working on a new version of BattleLords.  The Design Mechanism is working on their new version of Runequest even though Legend is fairly new.  Even ICE is reworking their product line after an ownership change. 

I am left looking for something to excite me in the market place.  I could shift over to minis but I am not a painter and those games would take me out of the house for longer than my four year old would be comfortable with. I say that meaning that I would want to do something seriously and not just half arsed.  I have looked over at Hordes and War Machine the Dwarves are actually appealing as are the gator men.  But setting that stuff up and getting it painted seems like something I can't commit to.  Even if I wanted I am just bad when it comes to the physical world.  Stuff and me don't mix well, art is about as far as I can get.  That's why i stick to music, writing and knowledge.  I guess Dust would be the game that most lends itself to me but again when would I play.  I don't want to just have shit taking up space.

Board games are nice but I don't know where or when I would get a chance.  I have a very much non gamer wife, oh she is cool with Cattan but who isn't?  It would require a bunch of freaks taking over my house for a few hours.  I think she would probably object to that idea, even if I could get here to play.  Perhaps something light where we turn her friends into board gamers would work.  Do you folks have any ideas on that one?

So I am back to my little comfortable world of Role playing games.  I am at a loss here, at least looking for something exciting and new.  I am all ears if you have any ideas.  I don't really want to get all nostalgic picking up Reichstar or something like Torg.

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