Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Black Mountain Bowmen Range, San Jose California

 Well on my most recent drive into the south San Jose hills I passed by the old archery range and snapped some pictures.  I used to go to this place all the time.  Its free once you have your own equipment, which worked out as great entertainment back in the pre internet days.

This place is on Avenda Espana which is close to Santa Teresa and Bernal.  You just drive down Santa Teresa a bit and make a right onto the street and follow it until you see the Black Mt. Bowmen sign.

This is a combination of field and standard target range.  You can see more of the rules from the sign posted below, but basically don't be a dick head and don't use a crossbow are the big too.

 I didn't get out and hike the field trail because I had my daughter in the car with me so you just get some shots of the range.  But the field trail is a nice little walk up the hills and has you shooting through trees in spots.  Its pretty fun though there is a distinct danger that you will lose and arrow in the rough.

The entry point has a decent little staging area with tables and stuff you can do pre and repair on.  When you get into those fields you should watch out there are tarantulas.  I say that because my friend turned into a bit of a girl once seeing on.  They blend in until  you are right on them so they can freak you out a bit.

For the local kids this is a fantastic hobby, that is low cost.  If given enough autonomy to walk or bike they could do this for a few hours of summer fun that is basically free.

One small oddity it the range is backed up to the Santa Teresa golf course,  you may be able to see in this last picture that the range begins where the course ends.  I have always had a fantasy of combining the two sports.  Shooting from hole to hole would be sort of fun for me at least probably not the other golfers.  But they are a bit of a scourge in my neighborhood so the less the better. 

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