Monday, June 04, 2012

Never squat down and crane your neck when your picture is taken

Choke back the ambivalence and listen dear. In truth this is all easy to understand.  You take it on your own in a few days, I am not saying anything to change your world.  I only want to give it to you a little earlier than it might have come on it's own. 

There is no need of yours to be other than you are.  There is no need to pretend yourself until your are just like everyone else.  No one has it figured out, every bit they say is bravado and bits they have been fed.  They are the words of youth coming from inexperience masking as wisdom.  Mostly rationalizations of dull eyed hedonism.

Your path won't be mine and that is probably best.  I have taken a hard road at a high price.  I decided long ago a set of values and worth for the world.  The thing about any measure is the first unit is always arbitrary.  The scale of things is objective but that first one never is.  Its light through a vacuum in a second or a kings knuckle bone.  For me  it was the dog, and people never measure up to a lofty standard like that. 

Your unique and authentic self is all I ask of you.  Sure try to be good but that's going to come natural or not.  Some will be taught some will come from culture.  But best I can say is go a little out of your way to help be a little bit bothered.  If you would be derailed then don't.  It would be worse if you do.  But what do I know I am just a scarecrow.

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