Thursday, June 07, 2012

Musings on Magic for my RPG project

you know i wrote a bit about how magic will be used in my Role playing game but it was pretty abstract.  I have been thinking of using something a little cleaner that is inspired by Runequest.  That being magic as an over arching skill and magical traditions as limited applications of magic.  An analog might be the adept and the magician in Shadowrun.  One is weak but focused the other complete in the use of magic.

I was thinking of having something like sorcery and Geth'ka the traditional magic of the Green people.  In one you were basically given the freedom to take magic that could be cast any old way. In the other you were would be limited.  Sorcery could be used to power a tradition but not the other way.  The difference being the traditions would include a few spells that including prescribed ways successes could be spent.  Sorcery on the other hand you would need to purchase everything from the ground up.  though for sorcery you would never be restricted like you are in the traditions.  Sorcery you could buy up to allow anything you can imagine, where the traditions would only allow limited power ups.

The trouble here is the power level of a high level sorcerer is through the roof.  There may be a need to add in something like spell resistance or magical absorption armor there.  That way the wizard will need to overcome something before they can start using successes for damage.

Some magic items may also allow for tradition type magic.  I have always wanted to have a character like the prince of Persia in my game.  He is a competent fighter that gains magic later in the game.  The magic is directly useful in his fighting, not a side thing.  I want something like this where it flows seamlessly into one.

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