Friday, June 22, 2012

A Prose Poem inspired by Azathoth and 2112

Upon these latter days of more solid minds one awoke feeling something wasn't right.  A slow low nagging that pierced the day like a thread in the eye.  Fluttering in the blood at the edge of sight.

To the helpful that told of wise and correct thought, the first variation arose.  Remorse at childish wonder zipped into guanine and gone away forever.  An inherent wrong bubbling under the skin in the strings it was hidden.

Ebb and flow terror came where blood bit with recognition of end.  Some preached the machine deep inside monkeys, "opiate moments with reason trivial."   Here I shake my cage, longing a solution more ideal.

Sifting for a mantle long shed off as useless and worrisome to the common good.  

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