Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Record Review: The Thorn's self titled album

The Thorns was a project that combined the talents of Shaun Mullins, Pete Droge and Matthew Sweet.  They only released this self titled record which is a bit of a shame as they had something there.  The harmony on the record is nothing short of amazing.  It's safe to say they were going for a Crosby, Stills and Nash sound as that is what they have captured here.  Three guys, guitars and some very full vocal harmonies.

For me the record was a bit up and and down.  There are songs I really like and others that left me flat.  It feels like there could have been more writing done that better showcased what they had here.  Most of the music you will find here is folk rock or country rock; again very much like CSN or perhaps CSN & Y.  Really even their album cover looks like it could have been something from CSN's back catalog when they were skinny and had all their hair.  Not sure if that ever was the case for David Crosby.

I can't remember or blue was the first song I heard of the record, I am not sure which.  I remember surfing internet radio stations and landing on this when I had listened through the metal, prog and hair metal stations.  The song was strong enough for me to buy the record.  Both are relationship type songs a bit melancholy and disappointed; Perhaps something like the Low Millions song statue.  Blue Skies is another stand out the strong harmonies they have going her seem to work on these more sad folky songs.  When they get into more up beat or driven songs I am not sure it worked for me.  The songs that come to mind are runaway feeling which was just a little goofy for me and dragonfly which seemed to have two competing ideas.

Generally I feel the album works more than it doesn't and is something worth your time.  If you are more into the folk sound or vocal harmonies this should right up your alley.   I think you are going to need to be someone enjoys this more sensitive music to really get the most of it though.   Full on metal heads probably should look for something else.

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