Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Music Review of Abra Moore's Everything Changed

Abra Moore's work on Everything Changed is a bit of an oddity.  It has some light almost poppy stuff but the core of the record is searching and introspective.  Much of the music has a dusky country rock sound that is a bit in line with the lighter side of the early seventies movement.  In places it delves into darkness with more hollow less processed sound.  Family Affair almost reminds me of Drake's Pink Moon in its starkness of instrumentation. 

As I have said the record starts out lighter and more traditionally produced with tracks like I do an Big Sky.  These are easy to listen to songs that don't really fell searching or torments.  The more contemplative tracks come with Family Affair, Everything Changed and Paint on Your Wings.  These feel almost Garbrielesq in their wounded honesty.  Apparently they relate to the death of her father, and family dynamics afterward.  They certainly feel like someone revealing an uncomfortable truth. 

The music is strong on the record Its a little sad that Abra has not release further music since the 2007 follow up record.   It's something that is going to be small market but usually anything that turns from populist to honest isn't most people's cup of tea.

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