Sunday, July 29, 2012


Well this weekend I attended the Ca Extreme video game show.  Its was fun but i really need to bring a crew of folks with me next time.  I always feel weird being away from my wife and not really with anyone else.  Also a large amount of the older games are best when played against someone you know.  You can see from the pictures there are tons of games and a see of people happy to play them.

I am a not a pinball player so that is wasted on me.  but there is enough in the video game side to keep me playing for the day.  There are a lot of old favorites though I almost feel weird getting on those as I could easily play Willow all day if it is free play.  I do better than the people who play before me but I am not as good as the old days in the Eastridge arcade by Sears.

They have a crazy number of pinball machines, at the show of all sorts.  Some are real works of art.  I wanted to take a few shots for my Buddy Mark who is a collector.  Here are the Wedge heads, I forget the maker but Mark would know.  I suck so Pinball machines just are never going to be my thing.

Next are a couple of Super Mario Bros. themed games.  Mark's son Max a fiend when it comes to Mario related stuff.  So perhaps these would be the right pinball games to get him really hocked.  There was another that actually was a video pinball game.  I don't know if I missed a photo on that on but I am not sure about a game without the physical nature that defines pinball games.

Here are a couple of the more odd ball machines they had going.  One is Thayers Quest which was a Don Blue choose your own adventure style laser disc game.  The other well I don't know.  I am not sure if it is a new game or an old shooting gallery game that has been modified.  The picture almost seems like something out of Napoleon Dynamite.  It was a great little shooting gallery game, with nice dayglo colors and was very accurate.  I really would not have minded picking it up.  i would like one of these gallery games in my garage.

Really if you can imaging it, then it was there.  Here is a shot of the cocktail game area. Loads of people having fun.  They even had a cocktail version of Star Castle which is a favorite of mine.

If you notice the rat band above they had that set up doing 80's music.  It was a bit odd seeing that thing sing bad medicine by Bon Jovi.  They even had a Roger Day set up. 

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