Monday, July 23, 2012

Is Pirating Wrong if you Preorder

This is a question that can be taken a few ways.  But I want to ask your feeling on pirating a show that you have already paid for.  In this case lets say A game of Thrones season 2 in this case.  I am sure there will be a bunch of people who will take this as a question of legality, and I am in fact interested in hearing those responses.  But I as a person believe Legality and Justice to be on near opposite sides of the spectrum.  I think I am asking the more general question of right vs wrong.  Personally I am leaning to the side of this is in fact just and further that HBO is behaving unjustly by not allowing the immediate digital download if you have pre ordered the show.  I say that on the grounds of Leibnitz explanation of justice that not doing someone a favor is in fact unjust, barring it does not divert you too far from our out of course.

But really I want to hear your thoughts on the issue.  Please comment or send an email to

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