Thursday, July 19, 2012

Record Review Bruce Springsteen Greetings from Asbury Park N.J.

I first picked up Greetings from Ashbury Park, N.J. on tape some years ago, wondering just what the hell was being said in Blinded by the light.  Well on that front this is little use as Manferd Mann seem to have completely reordered and worded the song.  But in giving the record a listen it is actually quit good.  There is a lot that isn't what you would expect having heard Springsteen on radio all your life. 

Blinded by the light is a completely different song with Bruce doing it.  It's actually good!  Taking in the lyrics I have little idea what its about other than thinking its full of personal jokes and is secretly filthy.  Its also a good upbeat rock and roll song that doesn't have any hint of what it would become in other hands.

Growing up is pretty standard fare for the time time.  Its post the hippy shit rock and feels of the seventies.  Rebellious and semi fast paced its OK.  I like that you get a more Macho feel of rebellion coming out at this time.  There is something about the music a few years before that is manipulative and slimy.  Springsteen seem upfront about his misdeeds and intentions.

Mary Queen of Arkansas feels weird and a little wrong.  Its an OK song but it comes off a little ill fitting.  Its like the jersey boy is out of his depth a touch.  The guys from the band would probably been able to better realise this song.  Its just a little too chrome where it should be wood.

Does this bus stop at 82nd street is my favorite song on the record.  Its just happy to the point of being joyous.  It's a city songs that feels really connected to who Springsteen is.  Its like he is just flowing out stuff that makes him happy.  It's uptempo and happy but takes a turn at the end that flows into Lost in the flood a decidedly down song.  Its full of suburban melancholy and the night time freedom of youth.  The ending is almost like a movie massacre that blurs into even brightening light.

For you is another good rock and roll song. Sort of a fretting rush of a song that builds over its course finally in a panic at the end.  I think a lot of people may think of this as a Greg Kihn song but its actually originally from this record.

Spirit in the Night is almost Doo-Wopy.  Again nigh time tales of youth on the outskirts of town is the subject.  Its a picture song you are almost left sad knowing so little of what happens after the picture ends.

I am not such a fan of Saint in the City and The Angel.  The later is sort of out of place and not Springsteens strongest work on the record.  The former is OK i don't know it's just not my cup o' tea.

All in all a good record that is probably better than the 80's stuff that bores me these days.

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