Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Rush vs Wallflowers Deathmatch

I am not sure anyone but me hears this but I want to talk Rush.  OK here is Marcel Conte playing Rush.  You know the best band out of Canada, kicking ass since day one.  Here is a part of the song called "The Necromancer".  The specific name is " The Return of the Prince."  If you don't know this is from Rush's Caress of Steel which is better than 99.99 percent of records and it is a shame on your house if you don't own it.  I could go on but basically Rush rules and kicks all sorts of butt.  You need to buy their records and you will be happier than you are now.

Now that I have cleared that all up lets bring in the competition.  Back in the 90's Jason Dylan and the Wallflowers were heating up the radio waves with their particular blend of I don't know what.  I wasn't really a fan, of anything, at the time but I became aware their song The Three Marlena's.  For me it was like hey what the fuck this is Rush but in like a bad way.  I hear the music as the underlying guitar riff of "The Return of the Prince" being appropriated.  Here have a listen for yourself.  You can tell me if I am wrong.  JamesLRickel@gmail.com is my email address or you can use comments to tell me I am wrong.

I like Marcel's version of the song as you get a bit of the acoustic guitar playing the riff in question on its own.  I don't really know how to pull out just a part of a song so this is the best I can do.  Now if only The Wallflowers don't come and try and kick my ass I will be doing pretty good.  Anyway that is my though for the day.  Hope you have a good holiday America.

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