Monday, July 30, 2012

Thoughts on Horror movies and how they don't do it for me

I don't get zombie and I don't get survival horror.  I know what sort of geek makes a statement like that?  But that crap doesn't do it for me. When I am playing Halo the flood feel like a chore.  I want to have a gun I can shoulder and drop some dudes with well placed three round bursts.  I think its the Dungeons and Dragon that did this to me.  Undead are less horror and more a flavor or monster you jam your sword into.

If you want to serve up horror for the Rickelman, which is me for the purposes of this article, you need some back story.  Also so progressive rock doing the sound track is always a help just ask Goblin and Tangerine Dream.  A couple of horror films I enjoy are The Keep and Prince of Darkness.  It was wits and knowledge against the ancient evil here. Aliens was also decent firepower is always a good bet as I was a fan of GI Joe as a kid.

Basically these are movies that allow people to win through their own capabilities.  The zombie thing seems it has the odds so stacked that only chance is going to save the day.  I don't get that sort of thing how am I supposed to root for luck? 

At some point isn't that one show on TV enough for the genre?  I mean you have funny zombies, fast zombie and sex slave zombies.  Isn't that enough.  I know there is supposed to be a connection to republicans and everyone likes to rail on consumerism but whatever.  Try something new please.

How about someone takes on the willing lose of self within a group.  The They if you will.  This sort of thing will probably be seen as anti populist though.  I would be up for it maybe a remake of Stalker with the room representing the act of dissolving yourself into a hegemony of the mass.

Or Chuds they work too, Rickelman doesn't mind chuds.

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