Tuesday, July 03, 2012

A Family Snapshot

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As a dad I have an excuse to check out the toy store from time to time.  Sure I say I am looking for something for my Daughter but I also like to check out the boys section of the toy store too.  Checking out the newer version of boyhood favorites and such.  I have noticed one of the go to toys of my childhood missing though.  Where are the toy guns?  I was always a big fan of Dart guns and such, you are only going to find Nerf these days. I have no idea if cap guns are even legal and toy machine guns like I had are beyond consideration. 

The reason for course are politically correct chode nuggets.  You start selling toy guns in a high end toy store and I am sure you are going to have parents groups bearing down on you.  Even a nice quality cowboy cap gun with exquisite balance and solid construction will get you in trouble.

Besides the issue of violence and some hypocrisy with regard to the sale of toy swords, I want to ask a question.  Is not selling something to the children of the more affluent while allowing it to be sold to the less a form of class ism?  Or even racism when you consider the association of economics and race.

In stating this I am not suggesting a universal ban, but rather how our concerns separate us.  In essence we are dividing our culture through the play of our children.  You may notice this is the same argument that was are forcing gender roles on our kids.  It it but here we are forcing class roles.  The more we deny the further we separates. 

My suggestion is buy your kids a toy gun. Imagination play is essential.  Boys like Men are keyed to artifacts when playing in terms of objects, Imagined action is primary.  Often the play of female gender roles is keyed to the dress or uniform.  In limiting you are stripping your child with regard to the role of conflict.  Further your are instilling the notion that conflict is below your class as are jobs of conflict. This is dangerous.

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