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Richard Scarry's Puzzletown part 4 People and Vehicles

Richard Scarry Puzzletown Cars
This is my latest update to my series about the 70's era Richard Scarry Puzzletown toys.  This was one of the two sets that came out in 1977 after the first five big sets were released.  I am not really sure where they were sold or how they were packaged.  I got my Rabbit, Pig and their cars from England via eBay.  The colors are almost a little off but the characters come up so seldom that i have no real frame of reference.  I also do not know the names of the characters other than the gorilla is named bananas.  From my first picture here you can see the cars. They are sort of similar to the apple, egg and doughnut car that come from the people, cars and places sets.  The wheels do match those of the cars from the original set though.   They are all two seater and have the same headlights and mini windshield.

Richard Scarry Puzzletown Pig and RabbitThe first two characters pictured here are mine, these are the ones from  England.   You can see the colors are weird as I have mentioned and the pointing is not as good as in the original set.  They still have the green bases that all the figures except lowly and the motorcycle dog have.  These do say 1977 on them.  I think they no longer mention Hong Kong the name is change here.  I think they actually say something like Singapore.

Richard Scarry Puzzletown Figures
I wanted to mention something from the rabbit figure.  You can see the head is not the same as in the hospital patient from the Doctor Loin set.  It has been re sculpted it is smaller as the figure is a bit taller.  One my dressed rabbit the head does not turn.  I am pretty sure this is the case for all of these new figures.

Richard Scarry Puzzletown Cars and PeopleYou can see the two figures in their own cars below.  There is a missing headlight on the pickle car.  This happened basically the day i gave it to my kid.  So be warned a kid that likes to throw things may not be the primary target for a toy of this time.  Especially if you are spending the sort of money it requires to get them off eBay.  Those prices are rough 

This get me to the figure for the banana car the gorilla.  I do have him but my kiddo likes to squirrel away here toys in all sort of little hide holes.  I regret to have broken him off his base as well.   That is how i know the heads don't turn on these toys. The colors of this toy are much more in line with the originals not so garish.  The eyes of the figurine are like those in the new pig and rabbit toys.

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