Friday, July 20, 2012

Temple of the Wings

I wish someone would open up a Ronnie James Dio's Temple of the Wings fried chicken restaurant.  I don't even like chicken but I think it would be pretty cool to go there and listen to Rainbow in the dark while I had my coleslaw.  I imagine it would have a nice selection of soda on tap and a few in bottles.  Painted labels I mean Dio was total class all the way.  The Black Sabbath mac and cheese would have just a touch of brown sugar like in a soul food place.  If Kenny Rogers can have a roaster this would be huge.  Wings are really the most metal of all foods, totally in you face and loaded with powerful sauce.  Yet like the blue cheese dressing metal has a soft side that frolics through a Sylvan glade.  Topped of with a slice of the holy cobbler that sounds pretty good right now.

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