Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dungeons and Dragons Online Epic Tokens are Fucked

At the risk of being a bit ranty I am pissed off by the changes to epic quests. They are giving far too few epic tokens on both Epic Hard and Epic elite difficulties.  Seriously there are many raids I am completely gypped of tokens on the hard setting.  Nothing no fragments Nothing!  That's bull shit right there. But its Epic Elite quests that really bug the hell out of me.

Running the Epic Elite version of the The Deeps last night I expect the normal full token reward, what I was given was fifty plus fragments.  This was an end of the chain quest that is not the easiest to do.  You have to go down after the quest is finished and battle a demon to get anything.  Are you telling me that on epic elite isn't worth a full token.  I am more pissed than when I ran Devils Assault and got a reward of of seven fragments.  At least there it was Epic Hard, though warchanter CC not being the best I was actually working.

What this does is push players looking for tokens to challenges.  And you know what fuck challenges.  They are not really fun, they are highly repetitive and some characters are just not good at them.  My bard raises his hand, i suck ass in the extra planar castle.  I just hate being coerced into playing a particular style.  It almost reminds me of 40K coming out with a new codex that changes which units you need to field to be competitive.  The reason they do this is to sell models that are sitting on the shelves.  The reason Turbine does this is to sell packs that have been sitting on the shelves. 

I really don't want special treatment as a VIP player but I also don't want to modify what I am playing because of a money grab that I am not a part of.  I'm giving you my cash upfront can you work with me a bit.

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