Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Campaign seed: The goblins of parra part 13

Another set of story points for you.  I hope someone takes a few of them and adds them to a campaign or even runs this as its own campaign

Title: Glum Dark Ogres seek an alliance
Minimum Threat: 175
The Glum Dark Ogres have come seeking an alliance with the tribe.  They are recent immigrants to the Parra mountains having recently won their freedom from an alliance of trolls and evil humans.  They are looking to shore up their position by creating an alliance. 

The actual winning of their freedom was with the help of a group of human adventures and a small naval force.  They remain loyal to the humans who have provided resources for their clan.  To this end they have been directed by their allies to assassinate Guirrzek who is a rising star.  The human direction should not become known until the next story point

This mission will need to happen when the party is in good favor with Guirrzek and are allowed to sit around the fire during the peace talks.  The Ogres will try to kill Guirrzek there, the party will need to fight them off and save Guirrzek
Battle Success: Magical heavy maul and great axe are added to the treasury, goblin bane items.  These are held for now but will be given out to the party should they need to go against another goblin horde.
Failure: Guirrzek's death complicates things.  The party will have some influence by the game master should decide what course of action is taken.  If one of the party takes on the role of Chief this will change the nature of the game and may be best to more the character to an NPC and have the player make a new character.  Should Ruusjali serve as regent for her children this may be a better option.  You will need to have some change in the tactics of the clans actions to make this feel correct.  Where Guirrzek waited and judged situations, Ruusjali may be more vengeful and bloodthirsty.

Title: Glum Dark Wars
Minimum Threat: 175
The Glum Dark Ogres made and attempt on Guirrzek's life.  If this is coming from Guirrzek or Ruusjali the party are directed to hunt down the Glum Dark clan and give the clan some sign where they can be found, Goblins usually use fire as a sign.

Party must track down the clan to their mountainous home and give some sign where they can be found.  Or just kill them all.  This may be too much even for a well prepared party so they will be met by more warriors
Tracking Success: The party are joined by the two other goblin raid parties and twenty warriors.
Battle Success: Glum Darks are destroyed adding 10,000 gp to the horde treasury.  Party gains 4000gp in goods from treasury. Party are able to determine humans were involved in ordering this assassination attempt.  Threat increased by 25
Failure: Party are recalled by another groups smoke signal.  The party are able to determine the humans involvement and the treasury will gain the 6,000 but there is no pay out to the party.

Title: Their Human Allies
Minimum Threat: 175
The Glum Darks slain the party better find some information on these humans whom have directed the attack.  They begin back tracking toward the civilized lands and are able to find a camp some days away from the ogre.  This party has representatives from the human kingdom Verin present.  
Stealth Success: Should the party get the information using stealth, increase the clans stealth.  Party are directed to Retribution story point.
Battle Success: Party kill off the humans and gain 5,000 worth of high quality goods and single use magic items.  this is added to the treasury but the party is resupplied. Move on to Retribution story point. Threat increased by 5.
Failure:Party are held in contempt by goblin leadership.  Next treasure award decreased by 1,000 gp.

Title: Their Human Allies
Minimum Threat: 180
The party are directed to raid a human city that hangs on the boarder of the Verin's lands.  This is meant to be a lesson but will start larger conflicts.  This is meant to let the party do their worst to the city as sort of reveling in goblin evil.
Battle Success: 2,000 worth of goods are added to the treasury.  Threat increased by 35.  Clan Battle rating increased
Failure:Should the raiding party be pushed back fire arrows will rain down on the town and burn it to bits.

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