Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I hate

I hate coming home and you not being at the door.  The first thing I should see is your black snoot poking through and that one white whisker on your right side.  You should wag your butt without reason and I should bend down and give you a hug.

I hate picking up crackers on the floor.  I should give a whistle and you should come eat them up and clean up every kernel.  Then be up on the bed and demand rubs and pats.

I hate only clean up a few of Evi's shits outside.  The back yard should be full of your turds that reek and make me gag.  It should be a chore and I would do it every day gladly if you were back with me.

I hate being without you Jasper! I hate the quiet of no barks with the door bell.  I hate the missing note you sang when Evi howls.  I hate eating all my foot without having to hand over your little tax.  I hate how much I hate..

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