Sunday, June 09, 2013

Let this stand

This shit is beyond my capacity!  I have lost my dog!  That is perhaps meaningless to some of you but not to me.  He was my comfort when anything was wrong, lapping me in the face when I was faltering.  He was my friend and silent agreement on long rides on dark nights. but he was more! 

I am broken in serious crippling ways, yet he fixed me.  He made me less obtuse he was a surrogate that allowed me to be a regular person.  The jagged ugly thoughts I have in me were rounded off and I was almost a caring person.

Now he is gone.  The folks at the vet that did this have financially crippled my family and taken my dog.  This is the part I can't let stand why should I pay for negligence that took my best friend.  The cost of this was so devastating I am going to need my money back if I am going to try to adopt another dog in the next year. 

What kid of man am I if I let this stand

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