Friday, June 14, 2013

Movie review: SciFi boys

I checked out a movie called Scifi boys last night.  It is well worth your time if you are a fan of the genre.  It tackles much of the early sources of sci fi fandom.  Taking focus on folks like harryhausen, Forrest J Ackerman and Castle.

It does a good job at getting the idea across that these were they guys that inspired the modern masters to get their start. It also give a little bit of what the modern guys did in their youth after exposure to these masters.

This is really going to be a great introduction to you folks to the early side of the genre and if you pair it with American Scary you have an excellent double feature.  I think both are on Netflix streaming so you have your friday night all set.  This film seems to focus on the 50's and 60's era with American Scary taking you into the 70's. 

My one regret here is it doesn't focus enough on the fans themselves.  If you read through old Famous Monsters, Eeire or Creepy you start to realize how underground the genre once was.  I think pointing the camera at the fans would be a great companion piece to this one.

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