Friday, June 28, 2013

Looking at the Kaosball kickstarter.

Kaosball is one i have been on the fence about.  I am not a big fan of stuff like blood bowl.  But some of the things going on in the kickstarter I really like.  They are basically doing one price point for the basic product with add on teams costing extra.  That means you just get the stretch goals as there is one price level, that seems pretty nice.  Also there is no confusion over buying a tshirt or sticker for the game at the lower levels.  Check it out here.

The game itself looks cool as there are cards that come into play and make it seem pretty cool.  Not just figure movement which would be weak on such a small board.   I am not sure if dice are used or not.

The teams seem cool with the expansion teams seeming a bit cooler.  They have pirates and cowboys and all sorts of neat stuff.   It looks like you are getting four teams in the base set along with goblins, undead and perhaps heavy metal barbarians.  There are a fair amount of extra star players that have been added already, even the guys from penny-arcade.  If you add more teams it looks like you can add extra ringers as well.  There seems to a version of megaman, hulk hogan and some weird pokemon looking guys you can get in that fashion.

If they hit their 1500 backers and I can get those metal guys I think I will jump in.  Still its a heck of a deal already.  If you have a few folks going in on it you could probably have an army each and the base game for a low investment.  I


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