Monday, June 03, 2013

Sarah Murnaghan Deserves better than Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

I know about waiting on a transplant, it's bullshit!  But you wait on a list and then the law screws you over when you 10 and dying.  Sarah Murnaghan is waiting at the top of the list to get a lung transplant, and because of an arbitrary law, she is prevented from taking an adult lung.  That's a fucked up story that needs to be changed!  Worse Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has said her hands are tied on the issue.  WTF!  How is this how our country operates?  This is everything I speak of when I say laws are the opposite of justice.

First off, why the hell is there a law separating adult and children's recipient lists?  If its a matching organ that fits into the body without rejection risk i doesn't matter.  This is something the doctors should worry about not fucking legality.  Those of us needing transplants don't really make laws, we don't have a lobby.  This issue should never have been weighed on by non transplant people.  You have so little knowledge on the subject its offensive to even hear you speak.  You remember the southpark about the N word and how you don't get it?  Well you don't fucking get it!  I am an O negative blood type the worst list to wait on, why the hell would you divide that list to make it worse?  Why would you make it worse specifically for Kids, it's not like adults can really even take an organ from a kid.

Kathleen Sebelius you are a coward!  if you don't have power you cancel everything for the day, week or month and go talk to people.  Figure out how to resolve this issue, who to talk to, whatever.  You help this little girl.  If blows my mind you would suggest someone of your title does not have power to effect change.  It blows my mind even more that you will not start making phone calls until you get someone who does?

Here is the deal, screw politics, help the girl.  You are failing at what makes us Americans great, helping each other.  One person doing what they can for other is beyond politics, and a girl with failing organs needs help?  Moral and just people help!  I am a callous malicious bastard but I want to look myself in the mirror and not be disgusted, how are you going to?  I would go into work late if I saw a someone hurt on the road and I was the only person there to help.  That is all i am asking, call Obama this will fix his image with the IRS crap.  Just get her help.

Right now it seems the only solution seems to get all the adult lung transplant list to pass on the next compatible organ.  That is pretty hard for a lung, us kidney folks had dialysis they have death.  If even one of those people waiting takes a pass they would be risking their own life,  Kathleen Sebelius what have you risked?

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