Friday, May 31, 2013

Campaign seed: The goblins of Parra part 10

A few more story points for this campaign seed.  let me know if you use any of em.

Title: The goblin market
Minimum Threat: 75
The horde is pressed into holding the next goblin market in their territory.  Guirrzek has placed the team as security of sorts for the many markets.  Things are going as well as could be expected when a goblin steels an artifact of unimaginable evil.  The party mus track him down inside the sprawling area of the market.
Skill Success: The party tracks the goblin theif back to a dark area of the market where he meets a dark elf and passes the item over.  The party watches helpless as the dark elf murders the goblin and uses magic to escape.  Move directly on to "The Portal" story point
Failure: Party are unable to track the item or unwilling, though its location quickly becomes known.  A blast is heard from a pass above that is the location of an ancient dwarven dam.  The Elf seems to be using the artifact to take down the damn.  Move on to "The Dam"

Title: The Portal
Minimum Threat: 75
With the assistance of the Druid met in previous session the party are able to determine the location the portal connected to.   This should be done with the druid stepping the party through their senses and asking question of smell, sight and sound, along with his magic.  Use the party to get half way there then confirm with his magic.

The party are sent to an old dwarven holdfast.  This could have been cleared in the warriors arc, making it easy.  The party must do that story point if they have not already.  The party then moves through the caverns to the underground.
Skill Success: The party finds tracks but determines they double back.  The party is able to work their way but to see a secret meeting with Guirrzek and the elf.  Move on to The Coverup
Failure: Party will probably continue in the underground areas of the mountain.  I will be working on more story points for this later on, for now work some out yourself.

Title: The cover up
Minimum Threat: 75
The party finds they have been duped by their clan lord.  They are instructed to continue the cover up so the clan can steal the artifact without anyone knowing.   Party are told to take charges back to the underground and blow after planting further evidence  
Skill Success: The party are a awarded 1000gp of magical items from the treasury from Guirrzek. Stealth of clan is increased.
Failure: Scheme is discovered and clan is attacked by minotaur clan that owned the artifact.  Full scale battle ensues.  If battle is won clan worth is restored with additional 30 threat, if not Guirrzek is seriously wounded many goblins are killed at least 20.  Clan potentially displayed.

Title: The Damn
Minimum Threat: 75
The party investigates the blasts at the dam and find the dark elf is using the artifact to bring it down.  The elf seems determined to cover his get away with the artifact.
Battle Success: 2000gp of gold and equipment added to the treasury, leather magical light weapons.  Threat increased by 5.
Failure: The dam is not fully brought down but a torrent of water rushes through the valley causing problems.  Redraw valley map, goblins are potentially displaced.  Full clan boundaries redrawn.

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