Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Campaign Seed: The Goblin's of Parra part 3

A few more plot points for the Goblins of Parra campaign seed I am working on.

Title: Obsidian Needles
Story: This plot point is not dependent on any level of threat or story development. The party  or traveling horde stumble upon an area of rocks rich with obsidian.  They are able to upgrade their equipment but control of the obsidian is the real treasure of this plot point.

Currently the field is controlled by a band of Kobolds who will attack the horde if they linger in the area.  They will be armed with upgraded weapons tipped with obsidian themselves.  
Stealth Success:  Group makes off with several pieces of obsidian and is able to upgrade their equipment for six months before the glass begins to wear our
Battle Success: The party gain the glass as above and also gain a information about a Kobold den in the nearby area.  See The Kobold Mire
Control Success: Keeping control of the field increases the parties threat by 1 per season held.  Rivals whom use stone weapons are unable to upgrade.
Failure: The field is going nowhere and control is assumed to be fluid so no effect of failure.

Title: The Spider's Tree
Story: The Goblin horde come upon a hug tree that is infested with giant spiders.  Battle with the spiders is conducted in waves of three until the party has been challenged, then let off.  This is more of a starting point than it is an actual challenge.  The tree can be used as a warren after it has been rid of spiders
Battle Success: The Clan gain a site for their first warren.  they are able to dig out a small series of tunnels in a week.  This beings the parties control of the area.  The warren offers light defense when dug out, with greater defense value if the party has stolen digging equipment from somewhere.
Failure: This tree can become the home of another demi human group if it is not found or used for a warren.  If the story line has proceeded so that there has been a clan split or other exiles they will be found here with the warren well established.

Title: A Throne
Story: This plot point can only happen after a warren or home has been established but should occur soon afterwards.  Guirrzek requires a throne for his kingdom.  This can be retrieved at the road house inn, if they haven't burned it down or something worse.
Stealth Success: The party is able to sneak in and make off with a chair.  Entire clan are upgraded to improve their stealth.
Battle Success: Threat increased by 7.  A company of soldiers is dispatched to retake the inn and find what happened.  The could lead to an assault on the clan home if the party was not careful to cover their tracks.
Already took the Inn through battle (Mudwallow phase): The group walks right in and takes a chair or would if they did not encounter wolves dinning on corpses.  If the party has met The Dark Druid stranger the wolves can be befriended.  Battle is swift and wolves are scared off.
Failure: Guirrzek is displease with group, ignore Guirrzek's next reward.

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