Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rocksmith DLC: continues to suck

Maroon 5 , Maroon fucking 5 are you kidding me.  You Ubisoft guys need to understand the first word in the title of your game.  Rock baby Rock!  You need to look at your fan base and say are the people who actually want to go and learn the guitar a little different  market from the folks who like music. I am going to bet the answer is yes.

All the folks in my guitar , piano, band classes through the years have had some weird music they loved the shit out of to the point of wanting to learn the instrument.  Folk or goth, maybe some metal.  hey even punk!  You need to go after these genres with more vigor than pop shit. 

You should work on classic rock songs that focus on guitar that everyone is going to want to learn.  Maybe perhaps stairway?  Some songs with good lessons in them , hurray you have house of the rising sun so we know all our major chords.  You should get some solid guitar focused country, I would be all for learning the intro to Dukes of Hazzard.  How about Andre Segovia so we can learn the foundations of classical guitar.  What i am getting at is learn the basics of an instrument and then focus on elements of a particular style of music as applied to the guitar or bass.

Then you get into the fact that your genres of music are poorly represented.  You need more metal, why metal kids actually want to learn guitar, tons of my friends in the metal scene have a guitar in their room they can't quit play.  You need punk like the Ramone's because you don't have puck other than the clash and early punk is very easy to get going with.  Give folks a books of confidence with something like Rock away beach.  Finally you need Progressive rock, Rush is a start, but where is the Yes.  Prog , Funk and Soul are going to be the high end for bass players.  All these really have lively rhythm sections and will provide the bass players a work out.

Side note, you really need to have a free exercise section like the youtube videos with pros saying I bet you can't play this.  That would allow focused training on particular elements with no cost.  Alex Skolnik of Testament does a fair amount of these as do many other shredders.  This would be great to help folks.

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