Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Thoughts on justice

Karma isn't real, justice doesn't just happen.  Justice doesn't exist as a universal force, outside the minds of men.  Justice is enacted by a determined person whom takes up its cause or is taken up by it them self.  Justice isn't wanted, but rather hated as are it's agents. 

Faith says turn the cheek or not cast the first stone.  Society demands the impotence of the individual for some consensus that makes a mockery of the just.  Legality feels in direct opposition to justice.  And all claim the one main is a fool who speaks for the just.

In this we have made those guilty brazen with no fear of the just as we leash them like a dog.  The wide average seem to fear this man to rebuffs the comfortable deindividuation everyone seems so desperate to find.  The unpresent drunk existing inside a crowd.  Those on high had the man who does not bow down, and cuts a path that does not conform to the powerless they demand of him.

I do not understand the sickened words of who are you to judge, the wronged most of all are.  How are you so blind not to see.  Where is the rehabilitation in your justice, so often said.  Where is the retribution in yours I ask.  What evils have become now that we shy away, what a bitter bloom.  

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