Friday, May 10, 2013

Restaurant Review: Sonic Drive In

I have tried the Gilroy Sonic a couple of times and have not been impressed.  This is not going to be a rant but instead more of a lament.  Sonic per the menu and website is awesome.  Seriously it is great all the drinks, I love drinks!  They have hot dogs and tater tots, crap they have sweet potato tater tots, amazing!  And the this is a nostalgic drive in with an awesome you do it yourself  credit card machine.  I love all that this place seems made for me.  And then you get the food.

That is the thing the idea of Sonic is wonderful, the reality leaves something to be desired.  It's almost heart breaking how close it comes to perfection and how far it falls.  The food is just bad, like it sort of makes me sick bad.  And I am a human garbage can.   The tots should be crispier the hot dog a better sausage or link.  The condiments are thrown on garishly.   The flavors are just a tough to much. 

Then the food hits you like a brick, some miles down the road as you leave.  It just doesn't site well.  The dirty little secret to white food is there is a low end that is just bad.  Think Hometown buffet or Disneyland food.  Those awful seven eleven hot dogs don't even compare as you know those are going to be terrible, this stuff looks all on the up and up.  That's sort of like Sonic, looks fine tastes Ok if a little over done then you are doubled over the toilet drizzling vanilla ice cream over your bung in hopes of relief from the burning pain even Paul Atriedes couldn't handle.

If you are in the bay are go to Clark's or Kal's they both have good dogs.  So does Ben's Franks.  I have yet to try Mark's the orange shaped building back in Berryessa but I hear good things.  Hell even a stand is the way to go.

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