Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kickstarter thoughts and a look at the Deadzone kickstarter

Roleplaying game Kickstarters we have a problem.  You guys want to much cash for your efforts and it's hurting our branch of the hobby.  I hope you folks don't take this personal, like I am coming down on you I am just commenting on a difference I have noticed.  Miniatures are succeeding in a big way on kick start and role playing games are stumbling through the finish line.

I have an idea about this.  I think the minis product lines are taking this less as a source of funding for development but rather solely for production.  If you look at the recent Robotech it had a funding goal of 70,0000 and a similar minis game called dead zone is at 50,000.   They have hit so many stretch goals its not funny.  Then you have something like Exalted that wanted 60,000 for a book that was a new edition to a product link with a mountain of support. Holdfast is struggling to hit its 20,000, I hope it does and think it will but not sure.

Then you have witch hunter which which did well with at 10,000 goal that it nearly doubled.  Fate Core though is the best example having only a 3,000 goal and breaks all barriers known to man.  I think this shows RPG projects need to be very complete before hitting the kickstarter gravy train.  It appears a completed product with a goal of covering printing and shipping of a few physical books should be a goal to start with. 

The markets are just very different but its very hard to compete with someone offering miniatures at a dollar a pop.  These products end up reinventing the packaging of miniatures games in general and changing their markets.  How are we going to offer a book or two and really seem like a compatible value.

As I mentioned i wanted to throw some love to Deadzone.  If you look at this game its going crazy and still has enough time on the books to do much more.  Even at the $40 scout edition of the game you get a starter with thirteen minis, which seems a pretty good amount per force size.  At $100 you get two of the factions scenery and extras. This is around the price point role playing game drop a printed book or two.  This has got to be kicking Games Workshop in the balls as you can see these folks are proving their pricing is bullshit.

The question I ask is what do we do to offer a product that challenges these games.  Do game kickstarters need to start covering massive full game in a book tomes?  Dice and counters included in the package like the old Torg book.   How about 3-d printed miniatures support of the product line?


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